Fatemeh was born in historical Isfahan in 1987. She came to Kashan to study English at university. She got her BA and MA in English Language Translation. Now, she works as a tour guide, professor at university, and interpreter. She has a good knowledge of historical parts of Kashan.

Mostafa was born in Kashan in 1987. He has been a tour guide since 2007. He’s got his BA in English Translation and his MA in English language Teaching. He works as a tour guide, English teacher, and also translator. He has also passed the tour guide classes in Tehran and he’s got an international tour guide card.

Morteza was born in Kashan in 1991. He got his BA in English literature. He knows a lot about historical parts of Kashan. Now, he works as a translator and tour guide in Kashan.

Afshin was born in Shiraz, Persia, in 1988. He received his academic education in English translation and language teaching in University of Kashan. In 2012, he found out he needs to know more deeply about his roots, so he took a course to become an official tour guide, where discussions of history, geography, culture, architecture and ancient Iranian languages took place. Now, he works as a translator/interpreter and also a tour guide with a comprehensive knowledge of historical monuments in Shiraz and other cities in Iran.