In our private tours, we offer the opportunity to travel to the glorious Persian sights around Shiraz at the lowest possible cost. These mainly need to be considered as a day-trip. The touristic destinations include:

  • Marvdasht (Persepolis, Naghsh-e-Rostam, Naghsh-e-Rajab, Estakhr Historical Town)
  • Kazerun (Beishapur, Shapur Cave, Bas reliefs in Chowgan valley)
  • Firuzabad (Ardeshir palace, Dokhtar Castle, Bas reliefs)
  • Qalat (Qalat old city, Ravishing waterfall and scenery)

We also offer private tours inside Shiraz for seeing places that have formed the character of this mystique town. The tour-guide would also do the driving so that you do not lose time and be at utmost convenience. Sights of interest in these tours can be, but are not limited to:

  • Sa’di mausoleum
  • Hafez mausoleum
  • Khajoo-Kermani hill (Quran gate)
  • Eram garden
  • Jahan-nama garden
  • Delgosha garden
  • Afif abad garden
  • Ghavam house (Narenjestan)
  • Karim-khan Citadel
Private Tours

Shiraz is surrounded by multiple ranges of mountains. Green valleys and magnificent natural wonders are easy to find beyond every mountain overlooking the town. Particularly when you drive to the west direction outside Shiraz, the weather becomes sensibly cooler, the scenery much greener and camping a common activity in the many natural resorts on the way to Yasuj (182 km).

  • Lost Paradise (100 km)
  • Shishpir spring (75 km)
  • Margoon waterfall (130 km)
  • Chellehgah camping resort (110 km)