Light Trekking 1

First day: We will start from Razmian to hike up to Lambesar castle(one of the assassins castle) for 3 hours and continue to a village and most probably having our first lunch there. In the afternoon more 4 hours loop to a summit and spending the night in Hir.

You will be walking near the rice fields and river in the morning and in the afternoon the hike up to the summit is a scenic one!  Average time of hike for today will be 7_8 hours. Average elevation difference of the day is 800 meters.

Second day: We will continue to Viar village and again next to the river to arrive to a cottage in the mountains and in the afternoon doing a loop for possible antelope watching and spend the second night there.

Today at some parts you need to climb a bit (not professional) and at some places we will cross the river. There are plenty of springs on the way which makes the route really diverse and challenging. Average elevation of the day is 1000 meters.

Third day: We will continue to a ridge at 3000 meters in the border of Guilan province and walk on the ridge to have a nice view of surroundings then taking the way back to the road and back to Qazvin.

Light Trekking 2

First day: We will pick you up from Tehran at 7:00 in the morning and we go directly to Alamut and have breakfast there. The drive would take approximately 3 hours.

We will start the hike up to Lambesar castle right after breakfast. This would take us almost 2 hours and with a 30 minutes drive will take us to Hir.

Lunch at Hir will be around 13:00. In the afternoon another 2 hours walk near a river and through the cornelian cherry and hazelnut gardens.

In the late afternoon we will go back to small hostel to spend the night there.

Second day: Early in the morning we will start to drive to Alamut castle right after breakfast and in 1.5h we will be at the village. Another 1.5h is needed to go up to the castle, visit it and back. We turn back a few kilometers to have lunch at a local restaurant at 12:30.

In the afternoon we will go for 1 hour walk at Andej rocks and go back to Tehran. Arrival time in Tehran will be 8:00 pm


First day: We will start the hike from Darjan (2150) toward hot spring (2550). The first leg is quite an even path as many people go for the hot spring during weekends and holidays, it’s around 3.5 hour walk. In the afternoon we will go more 10 kilometers through the valley and camp somewhere near shepherds at the elevation of 3150.

Second day: The first 2 hours is a bit of a steep path up the pass (4200) then toward Lashkarak and in the afternoon descend to Hesar chal at 3800.

Third day: From Hesarchal to the summit (4850) and back there.
And last day from Hesarchal descend to Tangegalu and 2 hours 4WD to Vandarbon. We can be there by mid-day.